5 Star Hotel

According to the up to date standards

5-star hotel has been considered a 8-storey building with a total area of 60,000 square meters with a total of 200 units, including 20 single rooms, 100 double Royal rooms, 30 suites and 20 Princess rooms. It has an international maritime and traditional restaurant that with creating suitable place has been anticipated a great variety to service. Recreational and sports facilities such as gym and fitness places, place for children games and computer games has been anticipated in the design of Simorgh 5 star hotel.

Features Of The Hotel:

Cottages for Accommodation

Short and long term stay

Simorgh tourism residential village has luxe and modern villas with the parking and the other facilities which are located around the beach and the golf course and it shows a beautiful landscape. This village consists of beautiful residential and recreational cottages that provide a warm and relaxing environment inside a virgin forest. All tourists can spend their leisure time away from the noise of the city and enjoy its tourism attractions.

Specifications of littoral, recreational and residential village: