Developing entertainment and touristic areas in the North West area of Iran through increasing tourism absorption


The main aim of this company is creation of evolution and boom in tourism industry in our country. Tourism industry is the fastest-growing economies than any other industry in the world. In order to the Geneve Tejarat Simorgh Company gas been established to synergy to optimize using of potential of the tourism and resources managing of tourism absorbing in the area. The company in this way relies on the updated knowledge and experience of the directors and staff who are interested in working in attractive tourism industry.
The staffs have started their efforts to increase productivity, innovation and creativity. According to these efforts, it is hoped, in addition to creating a thriving, dynamic and profitable tourism industry growth, we succeed in gaining optimal management of resources, employment, profitability and value added. The way to achieve the objectives of our country, the development of tourism, the environmental protection and sustainable development play an active role and achieving the economic, social, cultural and political goals of Islamic Republic of Iran will be available as a result. Therefore in order to gain much more success in this regard including qualitative and quantitative aspects we have projects for future from them we can mention the following: