Economic development, growth and progress and achieving the goals during twenty years, depends on executing great and profitable projects. Therefore, Geo Trade Simorgh Company has been established as the pioneer of tourism in Emend Touristic site. Investments and development of activities and professional works all provides suitable opportunity for investing institutions.
According to the studies by the financial consultant and financing team in the organization, the mentioned project not only is economical but is influential in social and cultural dimensions both in micro and macro levels and the positive effect of which could be observed.
Geo Trade Simorgh Company has created legal beds and received necessary permissions and as a mother company has provided the infrastructures of the region including water, gas, electric and communication lines and green spaces. Moreover, in order to create added value and affluence in the region, the first investments are done. These measures are introductions to investment and special developments of the project including the accommodation, recreation, sport and touristic affairs.
Investment in Geo Trade Simorgh Company's project is possible in different forms. Financing department of Geo Trade Simorgh Company has prepared investment packs for investors with different investing capabilities therefore each level of investors could invest in the project. Although there is difference in the volume of primary investments all given plans have technical and economic reasons. The related documents of measuring the possibilities are available in capital supplying archive of the company for interested people.

Suggested investing methods :