Sport Complex

Football, Volleyball, Tennis, ...

Simorgh touristic outstanding area has several professional sport lands and the other facilities which prepare the collection to be good host to the camps of football teams and the other professional sports in Iran and worldwide. In designing and distracting area, all facilities of a camp have been considered. In near future and after finishing all phases, we will be ready to host the teams and sportmen to create best memories to the visitors by good climate of area and with using so much recreational and accommodation facilities.

Golf Course

According to international standards

Pacific environment and beautiful nature of Golf course with increasing interest of investors and traders to join the private clubs are so far gone; it can be said in one sentence: If you dream of a quiet life, joining up a golf club is one of the necessities of your life. Relaxing in this sport due to the absence of competitive tension exiting in the other sports and also existing clean and free from environmental pollution result so many important business decisions are made on golf courses. In addition to Golf Sport, accommodation at Villas beyond Golf course brings relax and happiness to our customers who want to live far from city noise and problems with complete relax.

Technical particulars of Simorgh touristic outstanding area Golf course:

Aqua Park

Excitement & Playing

One of the attractive features of this collection is Amand Dam Lake which enables Simorgh touristic outstanding area to have facilities for variety of aqua sports etc. therefore the manager of the company has put the aqua sports in first phase of the project as priority such as: Jet skiing, boating, water skiing, fishing etc.
At the time being the first phase of the collection is completed and offers all of aqua sports services to the tourists and Compatriots through providing an exciting environment for the weekends in order to enjoy the facilities in a natural environment and desired climate far from any noise and other concerns of city life.

Horse riding Field

Training & Racing

Without doubt one of the most exciting and vibrant competition is horse riding course. Watching the trained horse’s race while running has indescribable excitement when you select your favorite horse and want to win the competition. The Sarzamine Iranian horse riding collection is the first standard horse riding field in Iran. This collection is 37 Hectares and race course length is 1 mile. Our consultants imitated Ascot Royal horse riding field which is one of the most prestigious fields of UK and also one of the places to hold world championships competitions in design of our collection. Sarzamine Iranian Horse riding course design is so that you can see all the filed wherever you sit when you watch competitions.


Excitement & Competition

From the day that some old pilots gathered to make a small and simple car with the available accessories to compete has passed s much time. Even if such cars are not as much attractive than formula 1 and professional car rallies but still their excitement is indescribable and is an especial one.
Formula carting course designed for touristic area of namane and is being constructed at the time being. Length of this special and beautiful course is 800 m and its widths is 8-10 m. rental carts are cars with high capability of control and because of their special chassis design and also as their gravity center is near to land surface therefor it has good quality for control and also high friction on route. So nearly it is impassible in ordinary conditions to be overturned.